RNA & DNA extraction

We have expertise to develop singleplex and multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction ((RT)-qPCR) tests that can be applied in diagnostics and research. PCR detection is often a faster and more sensitive alternative to detection of pathogens by traditional cultivation methods.

Multiplex PCR
PCR with 4 primer pairs in a single tube

We offer to:

  • Develop single- and multiplex (RT) - qPCR analyses
  • To test your samples on a daily basis including:
    - sample registration & full sample tracking
    - RNA/DNA purification
    - high-throughput (RT)-qPCR setup with short response time
    - data analysis & statistical analysis
    - we work quality assured according to ISO 17025 standard.  

Case story:

A case story about our expertise within high-throughput technology setup (SARS-CoV-2)