Luminex xMAP technology is a rapid and sensitive flow cytometry-based multiplex assay platform that uses different subsets of fluorescently labelled microspheres (beads) which are coupled with ligands that specifically bind the analyte. In theory, it is possible to combine up to 80 different assays in a single 96-well plate based assay format with the Luminex readers implemented at Centre for Diagnostics.

xMAP magnetic microspheres (beads)

We offer to:

  • Develop new assays or kits for the Luminex platforms, e.g. biomarker assays
  • Run existing Luminex kits for customers and collaborators - both in large- and small-scale setups 

xMAP Luminex analysis:

  • xMAP beads (up to 80 beads sets) with varying internal fluorescence are coupled with ligands in separate tubes and stored at 4˚C
  • Beads are mixed and added to wells in 96-well plate (the beads are microscopic and 2000-5000 per region are added to a single assay well)
  • Samples (e.g. plasma, serum, milk, saliva) are added to the beads followed by detection reagents including a fluorescent conjugate (using intermittent wash steps)
  • Results are measured in the Luminex reader (Bio-Plex 200), which is essentially a flow cytometer that detects the fluorescence of the beads (identifies the ligand) and of the fluorescent detection reagent (identifies bound target). Results are measured in Median Fluorescent Intensity (MFI).
  • The Luminex platform can be used with e.g. indirect, capture sandwich, competition and genomic assay setups.

Advantages with the Luminex technology compared to e.g. ELISAs:

  • Less time and labour required
  • Less sample volume needed
  • High flexibility (different combinations of beads coupled with the various ligands can be used)
  • High sensitivity