Olink Proteomics

Targeted biomarker analysis with Olink® Target 96 & 48


Accelerate targeted protein biomarker research through identification of over 1400 established or exploratory protein biomarkers. Use Olink Target panels to:

  • Study molecular mechanisms in physiological and pathological conditions
  • Identify novel therapeutic drug targets
  • Understand drug mechanism of action
  • Stratify patients as responders or non-responders for personalized treatment
  • Discover diagnostic and prognostic markers in disease
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What is Olink

Olink® Target 96 & 48 panels for targeted protein biomarker discovery enable faster, better-informed decisions in human protein biomarker research by providing high-multiplex immunoassays that do not compromise on either data quality or performance. Identifying multiple proteins that form a signature is more powerful and reliable than looking at a single protein.

How does it work?
The unique technology behind the Olink platforms, Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, is an innovative dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology providing exceptional readout specificity. PEA enables high multiplex, rapid throughput biomarker analysis without compromising on data quality.