Core Facilities & Units

Services provided at Centre for Diagnostics DTU

We offer a service that perfectly fits our customers or partners needs and comply with all standards and certificates.


  • Test your research samples in our core facilities, using your kit or one we order.

  • We develop biological assays and devices for detection of your biomarker of interest.

  • Bench fee services and expertise.


For start-ups:

  • We help startups within life science that have evidence-based ideas, and who must conduct key experiments to reach initial proof of concept.

  • We validate your prototype against gold standard technologies for prof of concept.



Development projects & daily operation

  • Scale up with high sample volume and many data points/assays per samle e.g. research projects, monitoring groups of patients at regular intervals for multiple biomarkers pathogens etc. 

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Development projects & daily operation

  • Develop singleplex and multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction ((RT)-qPCR) tests that can be applied in diagnostics and research.

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Development projects & daily operation

For assay optimizations we use a Biocore X100 instrument that can mesure binding characteristics of ligands (e.g. antibodies and aptamers) and analytes. Binding characteristics include determination of affinity, binding kinetics and concentration of the ligand or analyte. 

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Development projects & daily operation

Our serology platforms are:


Production & design

The LFA is a commonly used paper-based point-of-care test method for rapid detection of analytes in biological samples such as blood or saliva. The LFA is a simple, cheap and practical detection method that does not require laboratory facilities. The results are displayed within 5-30 minutes.

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