Biomolecular interaction analysis (BIA)

For assay optimizations we use a Biacore X100 instrument that can measure binding characteristics of ligands (e.g. antibodies and aptamers) and analytes. Binding characteristics include determination of affinity, binding kinetics and concentration of the ligand or analyte. The Biacore technology is based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) measurement, and offers label-free and real-time interaction analysis.

Generel procedure:

  • A ligand is immobilized on a sensor chip inserted into the Biacore X100, and the sample with the analyte flows over the sensor surface
  • Any interaction is detected in real-time via changes in mass concentration close to the sensor surface
  • Binding data is presented in a sensorgram
  • The formation and dissociation of complexes are followed during the course of an interaction, and binding kinetics (ka, kd) are revealed by the shape of the binding curve