Biomark HD Fluidigm

The Fluidigm system is a chip based real-time PCR-system. As opposed to traditional single and multiplex PCR methods, it is possible to simultaneously test up to 192 samples for multiple targets not possible with conventional multiplex PCR analysis. For example, it is possible to test 192 samples for 24 pathogens simultaneously - generating a total of 4.608 data points in one run. The Fluidigm chip exists in several formats e.g. 48 samples x 48 targets and 96 samples x 96 targets.

Fluidigm PCR chip
Fluidigm PCR chip: 4608 data points on a 192x24 chip

We offer to:

  • Develop Fluidigm PCR analyses
  • To run the PCR analysis & test samples on a daily basis including:
    - sample registration & full sample tracking
    - RNA/DNA purification
    - Short response time and quality to ISO 17025 standard
    - data analysis & statistical analysis

Fluidigm PCR:

  • DNA/RNA is extracted from the sample, e.g. tissue, swabs or serum
  • The PCR is performed on a chip where samples, PCR reagents and primers are added to predefined wells. See Figure.
  • Using a controller instrument, the reagents are automatically mixed in separate chambers inside the center of the chip.
  • The chip is placed in a Biomark instrument, which runs a standard PCR program
  • Data analysis

Advantages compared to singleplex and multiplex PCR on standard instruments:

  • Generates thousands of cheap data points.
  • Uses less sample and reagents (nL vs. µL)

Use Fluidigm when: 

  • You have a high sample load for research projects or diagnostics
  • Individual samples are to be analysed for the same +10 targets