Webinar: Ossabaw pigs at work in Europe - Bioimaging, cardiovascular and nash applications

onsdag 09 dec 20


Peter M. H. Heegaard
DTU Sundhedsteknologi

On 9 December 2020 you could join our webinar and get inspired from ongoing applications on the outstanding Ossabaw pig, the most complete and human-translatable animal model of obesity and its comorbidities.

If you are interested a recorded version of the webinar is available here


Ossabaw pigs are currently at work in a various research projects across Europe. Get the latest news and results from the applications, and get updated on the availability of pigs in Europe:

  1. Welcome and status on The European Ossabaw Facility. 
    Peter Heegaard, Professor Innate Immunology, M.Sc., Ph.D., DTU Ossabaw Facility Manager

  2. The translation of new therapies for portal hypertension – the need for more relevant models for NASH and inflammation superimposed on cirrhosis
    Raj Mookerjee, Professor of Translational Hepatology, BSc (Hons) MBBS PhD FRCP, University College London, UK

  3. The Ossabaw pig in translational cardiovascular research: Characterization of Heart Failure (HFpEF) phenotypes 
    Jakob Balitzki, Doctorate, Research & Development, Pharmaceuticals, Heart and Vascular Diseases IV, Bayer AG, Germany

  4. Metabolic bioimaging of the Ossabaw pig brain 
    Mathilde Hauge Lerche, Senior Researcher, Department of Health Technology, DTU

Find more information about The European Ossabaw Facility here.




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